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What is PedalYardtm?
PedalYardtm is the one-of-a-kind fun experience where youngsters aged 2 to 6– under the guidance of a Pedal Yard instructor and their parents or grandparents— learn our remarkably simple proprietary method that has most riders balancing on their own in just one to two lessons! While there are other places to teach your son or daughter to ride, PedalYardtm is the only place that you and your children will actually learn together. Whether you choose to learn at your home, at one of our PedalYardtm Family Fun Centers or by booking a special event, you can all look forward to using those valuable lessons for regular practice on your own. Our safe, easy, and fun system guides you both, with the help of a trained instructor, through the process of walking, gliding, and then riding in a matter of a few sessions…or less! At one of our Fun Centers, you will also find lots of great kids’ diversions such as bounce houses, games and even a special PedalPorchTM area for very young children under 2 or 3 to enjoy our “Rocker” Bikes…giving them an early feel for learning to ride.
What are the health and social benefits of PedalYardtm for my child?
Many! PedalYardtm is all about family growth and connection, providing numerous advantages for both your child and you. For one, our system is designed to work with families in order to develop a strong foundation in social, cognitive, emotional, and physical skills. By ensuring these confidence levels through familial bonds, the process goes from months to weeks; or even days! On top of that, we prepare your chilod for a lifetime of success, including their educational experience from kindergarten and beyond. Our techniques are tailored to the specific needs of children between the ages of 2 and 6— ensuring a safe and effective learning experience that will instill confidence and joy in your child. Lastly, we understand that learning to ride a bike is a unique journey for each child and their family. By offering a unique step-by-step approach that allows not only children, but their parents or grandparents to learn at their own pace, they shall develop the necessary strength and coordination to ride a bike for the first time…and for a lifetime thereafter.
What makes PedalYardtm‘s step-by-step teaching Method so unique?
First of all, our throughly trained and genuinely friendly PedalYardtm instructors work side-by-side with each individual student and their parent, grandparent or authorized guardian every pedal of the way. This is true whether we come to your home, whether you come to one of our PedalYardtm Fun Centers or you book a unique PedalYardtm birthday party or other special event. Many of us have kids ourselves so we know how frustrating it can be to teach them new things, especially how to balance on a bicycle for the first time. We provide the basic foundation where both the child and adult can together. Our proprietary system makes it safe, easy and effective, while offering a proven step-by-step process that first teaches how to walk and glide before they ride.
How does the whole family get involved in the learning process?
The PedalYardtm Experience is indeed a family affair. A parent or grandparent is not only encouraged to attend each lesson, but is normally required to do so. That is because the PedalYardtm Learn-To-Ride Method is co-dependent on this “team coaching system”. With our instructor’s easy to follow step-by-step process, we provide all the the groundwork in order to ensure, above all, a safe as well as fun and ultimately effective approach for learning how to ride a bicycle. Then, once these tools have been taught, the child and family member may then proceed at your own pace.
Can I teach my child to ride by the PedalYardtm Method on my own?
While we strongly encourage a family member to work with our PedalYardtm instructor during every step of the learn-to-ride process, we have seen adults who are able to quickly absorb the PedalYardtm Method and can pretty much coach their children by themselves, with or without an instructor’s oversight. This will be determined based on each individual family’s progress.
Why is teaching about bike safety so important?

While developing social, cognitive, as well as physical skills, it’s important to set a foundation prioritizing safety as we age.

What ages is PedalYardtm designed for?
PedalYardtm is designed for children aged 2-6, granted our proprietary system makes it fun, safe, as well as effective for families of all age ranges!! There is no judgement here.
How long are classes?

Classes are designed to be a tailored fit, from our pre-scheduled arrangements as well as virtual. Some classes may take weeks, while others might take just a few days or hours. It all depends on your level of commitment.

Are there different levels of lessons?
Our classes are designed literally from the ground up; from our rocking striders in our Pedal for the tots to our full-sized cruiser bikes more experienced riders.
Is this indoor or outdoor?
Being mobile, our business model is designed to come to you. Both indoors and outdoors can be arranged depending on the location.
How many family members can I bring?
All family members are welcomed to participate in the experience. The more encouragement, the better.
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
Here at PedalYardtm, we provide all the necessary safety equipment in order for you or your child to ride safely for the first time. From bikes, refreshments, distractions, to safety equiment; we’ve got you covered. Just make sure to have a way to take pictures!!
Can I bring my own camera?
We encourage all forms of media distribution here at PedalYardtm. With safety prioritized, feel free to document the experience in any way
Is there food and drink for purchase?
We provide a complimentary chilled water as well as a cold towel for you and your child. As of now, we are currently in the process of partnering with local vendors.
What is the Pedal Porch?
The Pedal Porch is a unique, interactive, as well as a mentally stimulating environment designed to facilitate the process for your child to ride the bike for the first time. It ensures a fun and stress free process for you and your child. Shouldn’t learning be fun??
What type of activities are there at the Pedal Porch?
At the PedalPorch, we offer a variety of physical as well as mental stimulation in order to keep your child engaged throughout the process of learning how to ride a bike. From tunnels, slides, literature, musical instruments, as well as our unique rocker bikes, it provides a nurturing area from the laborious efforts of riding a bike.

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Learning To Cycle Young Gives You A Lifelong Advantage

You must have heard about the incredible health benefits of cycling. Honestly, the list is almost endless!
Cycling offers unique health benefits beyond most other types of physical activity. It improves muscular strength and physical endurance, lowers cholesterol, and contributes to mental health and well-being.

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